How We Got Here and How Do We Get Out of this Mess?

If we had stuck with being hunter-gatherers and simple farmers we wouldn’t be in the environmental pickle we are in today.  But civilization wandered down the path of industrialization and capitalism.  Ultimately we began robbing the earth of its treasures and barely gave any notion about giving anything back in return. 

Our forests have been decimated.  Oops!  There goes that extra oxygen the trees provide and hello carbon in the atmosphere.  Our oceans are filled with micro-plastics, clean fresh water is growing scarce, species are going extinct, coral reefs are dying, there are catastrophic wildfires, the air is polluted, the earth is rapidly warming, catastrophic storms wrack coastlines, and the sea levels are rising.  Don’t believe in climate change?  Fine- just call it an environmental catastrophe on a global level.

Everything we rely on for life comes from Mother Nature.  That means all the raw materials that go into making our cars, toys, appliances, electronic devices, clothing, homes, fuel, food, etc.  Having economies that are designed around consumption of goods and “gross national product” are not sustainable.  There is not an endless supply of stuff to rob from the earth.

Most people understand that one cannot keep withdrawing cash from a bank account without going into deep debt and ultimately bankrupt.  We are approaching the latter.  This is not rocket science.  The bill is coming due.

So now what?  Though there have been strides in legislation, don’t count on our governments to solve the problem.  Our global systems are based on the production of STUFF and the consumption of STUFF, even though we don’t need it.  We have been lulled into the mythology that buying more stuff will make you happy.

So what’s the answer? We have to start shifting our priorities on an individual basis from one of consumption to one of reciprocity and living more simply.  You will need to become more aware of how you live your life  That requires a change in mindset.  There are ways each one of us can vote with our habits.  This blog was created to show you the way to help you make simple changes in your life to do just that.  Chances are you will be happier doing so.  Only from the individual to the greater whole can we save this One Sweet Earth.

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