Helping Out With Covid 19 Sewing with What’s on Hand

I pawed through my scrap box and found some old cotton curtains and a piece of cotton table cloth that I resized. Luckily I had elastic on hand for ear loops. After researching many DIY sites I settled on the one on “See Kate Sew” as it has numerous variations depending on what resources you have on hand. You could also add an extra layer of interfacing for more protection.You can get really fancy by putting in a pocket for an extra filter here . I added a variation with a piece of light-guage wire for a flexible nose piece to keep the masked more conformed to the face.

wire insert in top of mask

There is so much need so make what is the easiest for you. Don’t forget to make some for your relatives that are vulnerable. Joann Fabrics as of March 26 was offering free kits to make masks and also a drop-off for your masks. Join the Million Mask Challenge.

How to make a face sheild….

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