My 30 Day No Toilet Paper Challenge…. joke. After seeing shopping carts piled high with toilet paper during this pandemic and the resulting empty shelves I thought I would prove a point here- a no toilet paper panic is a first world problem. Most of the world does not use it. Also, over 95% of the TP that is produced is made from virgin timber. That’s right. We are wiping our bottoms with virgin trees and then flushing them down the toilet with the exception of the recycled brands like Simple Truth or Seventh Generation. It’s an environmental catastrophe. More on this in a later post.

Now, get over your EWWWW response. Urine is sterile. I cut up a portion of an old flannel sheet into rectangles (ripping goes faster). I keep a basket of my “Tushies,’‘ (at least as soft as Charmin) by the loo. After using I deposit them in an reused airtight plastic container with some baking soda. Every couple days I throw them in the wash. For the big jobs I use a tushy or crumple up non-glossy, preferably non-printed scrap paper, use and deposit in the garbage. If you have issues with that going into the landfill I hope you have at least as much reaction to all the poopy disposable diapers that are piling up there as we speak. I washed my son’s diapers. This is no big deal. When I am out and abou,t which is rare these days, I indulge in the TP that is supplied in the public restroom.

You may say – not in my bathroom- but trust me, the shelves may not get restocked or just wait until the the next earthquake, hurricane, plague etc. Knowledge is power and you can save a bundle when there is no paycheck coming in! Stay tuned…


  1. You are amazing! Did you think about creating a makeshift bidet? That’s what I would try first. Still requires some drying cloths, I guess. Are you in this challenge or does your housemate also participate?

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    • This is totally my thing and he’s taking it all in stride as with my other schemes. .I don’t know much about bidets but I sure am curious! Thanks so much for your positive comments. My other friends are horrified!


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