A Guide to Buying Sustainable Household Paper Products

In a recent post I wrote that 95% of all toilet paper (and household paper products in general) is made from virgin timber logged in N. Canada. So you may say, who cares about saving the Northern Boreal Forest? It’s far, far away not probably to be seen by you in your lifetime. But do you care about migrating songbirds that are losing their precious habitat? Do you care about lynx, bear, owls, beaver and the other myriad of species that are losing their homes for paper products that are flushed down the toilet or thrown in the garbage? Do you care about First Nation People that are negatively affected.? Do you care about climate change? In the last 20 years an area the size of Ohio has been logged for this purpose in Canada. This rampant destruction will continue if we don’t make better consumer choices. Below is a buying guide to sustainable paper products (not just toilet paper) courtesy of the Natural Resources Defense Council to help . When you spend the extra money buying recycled you are saving a forest. (PS not shown on the A list is Simple Truth brand).

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