30 Day No Toilet paper Challenge Completed! (successfully)

May 4th I crossed the “finish line” for my self imposed 30 day “no toilet paper challenge.” You can read about all the details behind it here. This post is my impression of this experience, radical for this part of the world, an everyday reality in the third world. It was NO BIG DEAL, unremarkable, so doable that I am continuing this practice with the exception of using my Simple Truth all recycled content toilet tissue for #2 type business.

The myriad of rectangles I tore up from a worn flannel sheet worked perfectly (soft as Charmin). I laundered them in tiny loads twice a week. That’s about it.

Now, I did not take on this challenge expecting anyone who reads this to follow suit. (I do have one friend on board, however.) If you want to – great! I just wanted to illustrate our ridiculous obsession with this household staple that is rapidly depleting virgin forests in Canada resulting in a big impact on climate change and destruction of habitat. Then I wanted to reduce empty shelf anxiety due to Covid 19. There there are alternatives to virgin TP. One thing that can impact our planet today is to buy recycled content toilet tissue! And you can always sleep at night knowing that if there’s a shortage, you can always go without!

image by the author

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  1. What a great idea! I have a bunch of old worn jeans that I really don’t know what to do with. And some softer t-shirts that I will never be able to wear again. I am so excited. I could dedicate a waste basket for these by the toilet and be good to go. Thanks, thanks, thanks for this insight.

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    • My pleasure! It’s so ridiculously easy- and actually liberating. I use an old large Tupperware container that formerly held cat food. Welcome to the club!


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