Plastic bottles may soon be a thing of the Past!

According to a May 16, 2020 article in the Guardian this week, a biochemicals company in the Netherlands is on the fast track to develop a plastic that can biodegrade in a year. This bioplastic will be made from the sugars of corn, wheat and beets and will be strong enough to hold beverages. This is indeed good news as plastics are filling up our planet at an alarming rate, polluting our waterways and contributing to climate change. To read the complete article click here.

Even though I totally am onboard with this breakthrough, the Earth Muffin still strongly advises, when possible, making drinks at home without packaging and puring them into reusable bottles for transport. Think making iced tea (easy!), and using a carbonator for fizzy drinks. For filtered water get a Britta (or equivelent) filtration pitcher , or install a sink top water filter with a seperate faucet. Again, fill reusable bottles and store in the fridge when it’s time to go. This will in the long run save you a fair bit of money, the energy that goes into making bottles, and it’s resulting pollution.

But for now, let’s celebrate with this good news for the environment! We definitely need some.

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