Considering a Greener Bucket List

Those of us of privilege often have a bucket list that is fraught with carbon burning travel to far off places and/or contain a consumer purchase wishlist that would further drain the earth of its resources.

Honestly, will these things make us happier people in the long run?  Consider trading out some of those resource-draining items to those that are less so. Take a train instead of fly. Travel within your borders or continent.  If you want to visit other countries, consider volunteering on ecological or humanitarian projects- or get involved in local ones. Go on a spiritual retreat.

Throw a dart at the map and explore some obscure location within your state.  Take up rock-hounding or birding, .  Get an e-bike and go on e-biking trips.

Purchase a lightly used X, Y, or Z instead of new.  Learn about nature. Explore your inner landscape.  How about that therapy you thought you couldn’t afford, or music or dance lessons? Donate some of that money you saved on a big vacation to music and art lessons for underprivileged children. Learn to write.  Start a blog. 

Consider how you can leave this earth a better place.  Your bucket might get fuller than you think – for a lot less money.

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