David Attenborough’s Encore

With a lifetime of exploring the earth’s wildest places and bringing nature’s intricacies to audiences worldwide through film, David Attenborough, 93 brings to us a summary of the changes he’s witnessed during his celebrated career as a nature journalist in his latest documentary “Life on Our Planet”.

In his characteristic grandfatherly manner, Attenborough takes us through the years he has reported and the dramatic effects he’s observed from human activity.  This includes climate change’s impacts on land and sea including the devastating toll it’s taking on flora, fauna, soil, and humanity.  During the movie, a data screen pops up intermittently listing the earth’s population, ppm of particulates in the atmosphere, and average temperature during successive time periods.  It’s a compelling contrast.

This is filmed with artistry as in his previous work.  Attenborough leaves us not only with a clear picture of the state of the earth by illuminating how we got to this point but also with a vision of hope on how we can save our precious planet.

This is perhaps the best documentary to explain climate change and its resulting perils.  I highly recommend you watch it to educate yourself, your children, and your grandchildren. 

Watch on Netflix or YouTube.

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