“Kiss the Ground” the Soil/Climate Connection


Nope, it’s not just about eliminating fossil fuel emissions or saving the rainforest to remediate climate
change. It turns out the very solution may be right beneath our feet in our soil.

The recent documentary,”Kiss the Ground,” explores how the destruction of our soils from
industrial farming has essentially destroyed the earth’s largest carbon sponge. Woody Harrelson narrates this fascinating deep dive into how developed countries slowly started killing the soil ecosystem post world War II withchemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and monoculture crops. This resulting sterilization of our soils has had a stunning effect on our climate.  The good part is- we can turn this trend around with healthier farming practices.

This feature-length film has enough data, graphics, footage, and interviews to impress the most ardent climate denier. This is another MUST WATCH on your viewing queue.

Availlable on Netflix and Youtube

The Earth Muffin also blogs at byalannapass.com


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