Most of us in the USA have recently or are expecting to receive a $1400 economic stimulus check per the American Rescue Pan Act signed into law on March 11, 2021.  For some, this is a lifeline for survival due to job loss, etc.  For others like myself, this is a nice bonus for my modest retirement income but I would have been fine without it.

If you are in the second camp like me, consider “tithing” a certain amount of that money to an environmental organization or cause.  Our culture robs the earth daily with a blind eye without a thought of giving back, without a thought of the plants and animals that are wiped out, and the land, air, and water that we’ve poisoned.  In contrast, the native peoples that originally inhabited the land lived with a spirit of reciprocity with nature, not taking more than they needed, giving back to keep nature in balance.  Read the book “Braiding Sweetgrass”  by Robin Wall Kimmerer to know more about what I am speaking of.

It is harder with our modern lifestyle to live in balance with the earth.  The quickest way other than lifestyle changes is to donate to a local, international, and/or national environmental organization.  Vet them on Charity Navigator.  My favorite national organization is the National Resources Defense Council which is probably the most powerful environmental lobby in the USA. I donate to them monthly with an auto-debit. They were key in stopping 90% of Trump’s anti-environmental agenda in lawsuits.  Today I sent money to a statewide organization, Oregon Wild that lobbies for environmental causes within Oregon.

It doesn’t have to be a large sum. It’s the change in mindset of many that can make a huge difference that can help heal our environment and stop climate change.  It’s something we can all do.

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