Earth Day Project 2021- Saving the Monarch Butterfly One Yard at a Time

Pollinators are having a tough time these days but among the worst hit are the Monarch butterflies.  Their population has plummeted 90% over the years.  These orange and black beauties used to be a common sight but now you barely see them. 

Some populations of monarchs fly 3000 miles from Canada to a small mountain top Mexico they fly up to 100 miles a day taking 3 generations to complete the journey.  Those on the west side of the Rockies migrate to southern California to overwinter.  Due to habitat loss by farming and other humans development, their only food source, milkweed is all but gone so fewer and fewer can make the journey. Last year the tiny patch of milkweed up the road from my home by the edge of a field was sprayed by the farmer.  It is no more. That scenario is playing out every day across the country.

It’s satisfying to have something tangible to do to help the environment. This  Earth Day here’s something you can do to help- plant milkweed in your yard or pots.  Create a monarch rest stop. This is a great project for families. How rewarding than to see monarch butterflies arrive in your yard!

 You can obtain free seeds and lots of information from and schools can join their Save Our Monarchs School Garden Program.  Vineyard owners and farmers please join in too.  We don’t want a world without butterflies!

Find out how to grow milkweed from seeds HERE.

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