Preventing Bird Strikes on Windows

Image by MJ Jin from Pixabay

I have several large plate glass windows in my home that frequently have injured or killed birds when they fly into them.  Birds get confused with windows by either not thinking there is a barrier at all or from the reflection of the surrounding landscape.

Recently I purchased a product, “Window Alert” that claims to prevent window-bird collisions.  One package cost me $8.00 and contains several translucent decals one can easily affix to their windows.  There is various design to pick from.  I chose butterflies.  The flip side of the decal that faces the outside has an ultraviolet reflective coating that only birds can see that will deter their flight path.

I have applied my decals to three windows and so far so good but we shall see if the birds can see.  The only downside to these decals is they suggest you replace them every 4 months or test them with a UV flashlight to check their viability.

Decal strategically placed over a feather where the last bird hit.

In researching this post I came across this comprehensive article from Bird Watching Daily that has many other strategies besides purchasing Window Alert that is worth checking out!

P.S.  I received no compensation of any kind for this product.

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