Now You Can Be Plant Based and Have Your Bacon Too!

So here’s some news for those of you who eat a plant based diet, there is a company that is now producing “cultured meat ” from koji, a fungus that’s common in Japanese cuisine.  Koji is the same ingredient, Aspergillus oryzae, that’s used to make miso, soy sauce, and sake.  This fermented product is made in California by the company “Prime Roots”. The texture is fibrous similar to meat and is supposedly quite tastey.

There is no other plant protiens in this product such as pea protien- only koji. The bacon contains 11 total ingredients: water, coconut oil, konjac (a root vegetable commonly eaten in Japan), yeast, vegetable oil, natural smoke flavor, rice, sunflower lecithin, natural color, and salt. Beyond Meat burger contains 22 and Impossible’s patty contains 21).

Though I haven’t sampled their wares, they have quite a selection of flavored bacons and convenience foods.  Since we do miss bacon at our house I think I will splurge and give it a try. You order directly from their webite and the products are delivered to your door. Check out Prime Roots here.


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