A Visit to a Native Plant Nursery

Courtesy Bosky Dell Natives

First on my list to get my feet wet in native plant gardening was I needed to visit a native plant nursery.  I had picked up some scraggly specimens on clearance from my local high school horticulture sale but I wanted the experience of a specialized nursery. The closest nursery I found was Bosky Dell Natives in West Linn, a 40 minute drive from my home outside Newberg, Oregon. 

I’ve been to my share of nurseries but I was not prepared for this delight.  Bosky Dell is not only a plant nursery but a fairyland of plantings among artful structures of repurposed materials from nature and manmade uses.  As I wandered through the grounds looking at plants I took in all the myriad of possibilities for my yard in this palette of wildness.  The owner, Lory had not only created a business, she created a lovely habitat and a feast for the eyes.  Her mission is not only to sell native plants but to inspire others to also replace the natural flora to help nature survive.

Among the native plants for sale was her creative touch incoporating stones, downed wood, vintage bathtubs, birdcages and other delights among the foliage.  We spent over an hour there looking at all the things to see.  Lory gave me a personal tour of all the little habitats and unique buildings on the property.

Seriously I was astounded with the beauty one can achieve with native plant gardening from this little foray. I was impressed with the variety of trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers that nature offered up in my region. I became an instant convert was ready to give up my sterile landscape and partner with the birds, bees, salamanders, frogs and everything else I could attract into my own yard.  Next step- how do I proceed with my own garden makeover?

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