Nature- There’s an App for That

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced voyager in the natural world there are many cell phone apps to assist you in the identification of the wonderful array of living and nonliving treasures to be found. At first, I was going to write about the two birding apps, two my friends use but as explored the app store on my phone I happily discovered other apps for other purposes that I have listed below.

It might be contrary to be relying on a digital device to be enjoying nature but anything to get one excited about birds plants and the like is fine with me.  Plus it eliminates taking ten pounds of field books in your backpack.


I have not used most of these apps.  My cell phone is so old that the operating system and storage will not allow the use of most of them.  As of now I still lug field guides with me or snap photos and ID at home.  My phone still does a grand job of making phone calls, however.  I selected these apps because either my friends like them or they received decent ratings and feedback.

Birds (can ID by photo and bird calls)

Rock Identifier




Plants/flowers (can ID by your photo)

Leaf, Tree, Flower

Picture This Plant ID


House Wren

Stone Finder


My Fossils

Stargazing  (point phone up for ID of stars, planets, constellations)

Star View Lite

Star Tracker Lite Live

Check these out and see if they work for you.  I’d love some feedback.  In the meantime, get outside and enjoy nature’s gifts!

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