The 30 Second Activist

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It seems this world is pretty hopeless these days on so many levels.  As someone who cares very deeply about the eroding state of our environment and climate change, I can get pretty distraught and If there is one thing I loathe though, it’s feeling powerless.

The one thing I can do to make my voice be heard is to write.  I am several email activist lists that regularly send out alerts when an issue is being considered on a national state and local level.  Usually two or more times a week I get a call for action from National Resources Defense Council and/or Oregon Wild which are environmental lobby organizations.  My information is on auto-fill so all I need to do is click on a link, click a few boxes, and then hit send and I am good. Local organizations I am involved with need more of a time commitment- maybe 10 minutes or so to draft a letter or make a phone call.

Once a month or so I am a  5-minute activist taking the time to either call or write corporations urging them to produce more environmentally friendly products.  For example, I contacted Coca- Cola with my concerns about their plastic packaging.  I have called Proctor & Gamble about their dearth of environmentally friendly products and packaging and their leveling of virgin boreal forests in Canada for toilet paper.

I know that there is that argument “why bother”?  My argument is “why not bother?”  If enough people speak out change will happen.  By not speaking out it’s like saying I am OK with things as they are- I am complicit.  The time commitment to voice my opinion is negligible and at least I feel better by doing something.

If you are interested in becoming a 30-second activist, here is a list of 35 environmental organizations you can hook up with.


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