In Praise of Plant-Based Ice Cream

 A few years ago all you could get in the dairy-free case was a small selection of soy, almond, or rice-based facsimile dairy-based ice creams.  It was a better than nothing choice that I went to now and again.  Now there are options made with oat milk and coconut milk with more sophisticated recipes.

 With the rising popularity of vegan and plant-based options over the past few years I have been pleased with the tasty plant-based ice creams that rival their dairy-based cousins. companies such as Ben and Jerry’s, Hagan Das, and Kind have gotten on board as well as a plethora of small niche companies. Since my unit does most of our shopping at Grocery Outlet we have sampled quite a few as their overstock selections come and go like the wind- rightly so as they are so reasonably priced.  I wish I would have written down the name of some of these winners especially the chocolate fudge one that we got a while back and remember fondly.

That being said, the best way to discover your favorite PBIC is to go to the freezer section of your grocery store and start experimenting. Go on Google to get reviews if you are timid about the switch. Here’s one such review.  Just like regular ice cream some are better than others. In our freezer now are cherry cashew and strawberry both made by Kind and are very good.  Yes, plant-based ice creams are substantially more expensive but are substantially more healthy for your body and the planet.

If you are a convert, the best way to convert your dairy-based friends is to treat them to some. They will be pleasantly surprised. You can also make your own PBICs.  For some recipes click here


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