Learning About Native Bees With This Amazing Documentary

In the world of pollinators, honey bees get all the buzz with their complex social system and of course their production of honey.  Of equal or more importance are our native bees, about 3600 species of them in the USA, Most of them lead solitary lives in holes underground or in holes in wood.  They are often tiny, easily mistaken for flies. About 30% of them threatened due to habitat loss, and use of pesticides. This is a crisis because without them and our other pollinators, our food sytem will collapse. No pollination equates to no fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. 

When trying to find more interesting content online to watch one evening I came across this PBS Documentary “My Garden of a Thousand Bees” which illuminates the world of native bees through a nature photographer’s eyes during the 2020 lockdown in his urban garden in England. Seriously one of the most fascinating nature documentaries I’ve viewed with stunning photography and an easily digestible education of native bees. So worth watching. I’m excitied to attract them to my garden next spring!

Stream this on PBS.org on Nature.

For more information about attracting native bees to your garden here is a good article to read

illustration by the author

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