The Top 3 Things You Can do to Combat the Climate Crisis

I’ve heard quite a bit from individuals what can I do about the climate crisis which will make an impact? Yesterday I challenged myself to put my top three climate actions in a one page document in one hour. (Washing your aluminum foil was not in there but that doesn’t mean not to).

1. Put your money where your values are

The reason why there has been woefully slow movement on the climate crises is MONEY.  There is money to be made on fossil fuels and consumption in general.  If there was not a divestment movement in the 1980s to end apartheid in S. Africa, apartheid could still be in business. Divestment is now being used as an effective instrument to combat the climate crisis.

Check your investment portfolio to make sure you are not invested in fossil fuels.  If you happen to be, there are plenty of green & ethical investments that you can switch to that are doing quite well.  If you do switch, tell your bank, etc. why.

Skip the big banks “The world’s biggest 60 banks have provided $3.8tn of financing for fossil fuel companies since the Paris climate deal in 2015, according to a report by a coalition of NGOs.,”  The Guardian.   Some of the biggest culprits in this country are JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citi, Barclays, and more.  Switch your banking to green banks or local credit unions.  My local Onpoint Credit Union in Oregon is a great one.  That includes credit cards.  I gave up my Southwest Card by Chase, to Onpoint and switched my mortgage to them also. 

Donate monthly to environmental causes.  My personal favorite is Natural Resources Defense Council who is probably the most effective environmental lobby in this country with an impressive track record.  Also, I give to Oregon Wild, and Tree Sisters.  There are lots of good ones out there. Check their ratings on Charity Navigator.

Your money or your planet

Last…if you can afford an electric or hybrid car, you can afford to spend the extra money on sustainable products like recycled paper towels, and toilet paper rather than using virgin timber in reg. products.  Simple Truth by Kroger is a good brand. 

 2.  Reduce or eliminate dairy and meat FROM YOUR DIET

When land is used to raise animals instead of crops, precious water and soil are lost, trees are cut down to make land for grazing or factory-farm sheds, and untreated animal waste pollutes rivers and streams. In fact, it has such a devastating effect on all aspects of our environment that the Union of Concerned Scientists lists meat-eating as one of the biggest environmental hazards facing the Earth. Globally, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the world’s transportation systems combined. No wonder, when you consider facts like these.”  PETA

Read this in-depth article from Harvard:

Experiment with plant-based cooking!  A few favorite websites…

Meatless Mondays, Cookie and Kate, Nora cooks


Stay informed!  Subscribe to newsletters such as Green America andTree Hugger (great news on environmental innovations) are my personal favorites.  There are many options to choose from including my blog, onesweet for tips and relevant information I glean from my sources.  Become a 30-second activist! (see my blog).  Stay positive and go for it!

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