Exploring “Simply Eggless” a Plant-Based Egg Product

Generally, our household is plant-based with some exceptions, one being our neighbor’s eggs from their free-range chickens now and again.  My interest was piqued, however when I saw “Simply Eggs” as a selection from Imperfect Foods that I order from.  Generally, I stay away from “engineered food,”  but I have been pleasantly surprised with some of the plant-based “meats” that are out there so I thought I would give these a try.

Simply Eggs come in a pint-sized plastic bottle, the main ingredient being lupine protein (a type of legume), and are gluten-free.  They look like beaten eggs and act like beaten eggs.  First I tried them in French toast.  Pretty good!  Next, I tried them in Otto’s Cassava Flour Gluten Free Brownie mix- a product I had never tried before.  They were horrible!!  Now, I am not sure if it was Simply Eggless or the brownies mix that called for waaaay too much oil in my opinion and contained no leavening.  I would blame this one on the brownie mix, another review later (maybe).  I would imagine that SE would work just fine in baking.

The final test was scrambled eggs.  They scrambled up just like real eggs and looked like real eggs.  They tasted OK.  The real problem was in their pasty texture, a real turnoff.  Overall I would do without eggs entirely rather than use this product again.  A dry egg substitute for baking would be more suitable for my needs since they have a long shelf- life.  So for me – I am a NO GO for Simply Eggs except for a making big batch of French toast.

The best way to see if you like them is to try out a bottle as I did.  Maybe you have a higher tolerance for creepy textures.  Hat’s off to this company for trying.  They are just not for me.  If you have tried Simply Eggless, let me know what you think!


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