My New Native Plant Garden Begins to Find It’s Voice


It’s been a very cool spring – even by NW Oregon standards. April set a record for the wettest ever recorded so native plants planted in late February & Early March have been slow to emmerge. Still, it’s been thrilling to watch the ferns unfurl and various flowers to reveal themselves in my native plant garden. I’ve been adding some artistic touches with some old sculptures of mine scattered about the garden.

One great find at “Hortlandia” was a little table made of scrap wood for a top and legs of thick curly willow. I added two small benches cut from the stump of an old walnut tree that was taken out a few years ago. and sorely missed. Now I have benches to remember it by. This area is my fairy tea nook.

Fairry tea nook

Part of the fun of a garden is scavenging downed wood, rocks, moss and other flotsom and jetsam to add interest. It’s not just about the plants! Thus far,this has been one of the most gratifying projects I have ever done- hard work and all.


I you would liketo see some earlier pictures go here.

in the beginning

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