Why You Should Drink Organic Coffee

I never thought of coffee as a crop that would be highly polluted with pesticides and other chemicals.  Then this article reached my inbox that made me rethink my buying habits.  According to Green America coffee is actually one of the most chemically treated foods in the world.  It is such a vuluable crop that farmers will do everything to protect their crop including the use of fungicides pesticides, synthetic fertilizers & glyphosate (Roundup), a carcinogen.  I don’t like starting my day with a cup of chemicals.

Coffee is completely unregulated in the US with no maximum residual limits of pesticides.  Brazil, the #1 grower and exporter of coffee beans has extremely lax regulations.

Besides not being earth friendly, here are some other reasons you should switch your brew to organic…


100% USDA Certified Organic coffee has the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants the body needs for many health advantages, including immune system support and protection from cell damage. Organic coffee is packed with natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, unlike non-organic coffee, where natural compounds get lost during cultivation


Because coffee plants prefer shade, these organic coffee trees ultimately help the ecosystem. They support the preservation of wildlife, birds, and vegetation as well as the reduction of illness and soil erosion. Organic coffee, in contrast to regular coffee, does not encourage deforestation.


The soil in which coffee is cultivated directly influences how delicious it is. You can drink only pure coffee if you plant organic coffee trees in soil that is naturally chemical-free and rich in organic matter.


Farmers who grow certified organic coffee frequently adhere to Fair Trade standards, which ensures greater wages for workers.

You will pay more for organic/ sustainably grown coffee.  I look at it as an investment in my health and the health of the planet.

Organic coffees can be purchased in health food stores and major grocery chains.  Equal Exchange is a common brand.  If you would like to explore a plethora of tempting options, I found this website to explore. 

Life is too short to drink bad coffee!

Thanks to greenamerica.com and tusolwellness.com for information in this blogpost.

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