Thinking About Sustainable Blue Jeans

I came across the following article at that spoke about the impact that blue jeans have on the environment.  Jeans are perhaps the most widely worn pants in the US.  The manufacture and laundering of them have huge environmental consequences.  This must-read article showcases the most sustainable brands on the market. 

“Each year, approximately 2 billion pairs of jeans are churned out, with a single pair guzzling on an average 7,000 liters of water. What’s more, a staggering 1.7 million tonnes of chemicals are used in the dyeing process to get the much-loved indigo and other shades, adversely impacting the environment and people. Jeans are also adding to fashion’s problem of shedding microfibers with each wash.

The good news is that some brands are stepping up to improve how denim is made. These labels are constructing jeans with green-certified fibers, adopting eco-friendly technologies to reduce chemical and water usage, following ethical labor practices, and encouraging recycling. Moreover, by making smart consumer choices, whether swathing your legs in natural materials or jumping on to the No Wash Club, you can lengthen the life of your favorite denims by a long stretch”.

To read the reviews of sustainable blue jeans and the article in its entirety go to

The best way, however, to circumvent this entire environmental mess is to buy preowned and to launder infrequently, spot cleaning when necessary.  I recently bought 3 pairs of almost new name-brand jeans for $25 at Goodwill.  Also check out clothing resale stores for good bargains.

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