Avoiding Unwanted Catalogs in Your Mailbox

Image by Deborah Hudson from Pixabay

Unwanted mail of any kind is a bain.  The mailorder catalogs are a particular irritation to me as they use up so many resources to produce and recycle.  During

Rather than dumping all those catalogs in the recycling here is a trusted method of eliminating them that I adopted many years ago:

  1. Receive catalog
  2. Find their toll-free number and give them a call.  (It helps to do this on the same day to avoid forgetting)
  3. Ask the person on the other end of the line to remove your name from their list.  They might ask you for your customer #, catalog#, and/or your address.
  4. It might take one or two catalogs to stop from that vendor but eventually, they will stop.
  5. Repeat

Merchants sell their mailing lists to other merchants so unless you do this your catalogs will increase exponentially, especially during the holidays. I was lax this past year and have noticed my catalog volume increasing so I am back at it.  Be patient.  This will work!

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