I became concerned about the environment at a young age when the environmental movement was still gestating.  My annual camping trips in Yosemite under the majestic pines and then later backpacking trips in the high Sierras and beyond imbedded a love and appreciation of nature deep in my being.  It bothered me that our culture was become increasingly estranged from our source of all things – Mother Earth.

After studying ecology, biology and botany at university, ten years in Alaska working often in remote pristine areas further instilled that awe.  Later as a middle school science teacher I strove to have my students appreciate the natural world around them- often a difficult task as fewer and fewer had the outdoor opportunities that I had as a child.  Still I would try to get them out as much as possible.  You tend to take care of those things you love.  My hope is that they would go on to be good environmental stewards.

Now retired I would like to continue that mission dispensing what information I have to offer via an online platform rather than the classroom. Then 16 year-old Greta Thunberg launched a global Climate change awareness movement just by sitting on the steps of the Swedish parliament building with a sign protesting the lack of action on Climate Change.  She wanted to do something.  She inspired me.  I want to do something too.  My skills are I can write, I can teach, I can illustrate and this blog is my effort (and a great outlet for my creativity).  Hopefully you can learn from it and make changes to your lifestyle that will create a better world.